How Does It Work?

eCarthage is a wireless ISP.  We have towers located throughout the Carthage area that customers are connected to wirelessly.  Our installation crews conduct a site survey to make sure that we can provide a quality service at your location.  If the survey passes then our professional install crew mounts a small antenna that points back to our tower and runs a cable to an indoor box that the customer’s computer or router will plug into. In order to have Wi-Fi inside the customer’s house, a wireless router will need to be installed by the customer.




Cost & Contracts

There is a One Year contract upon sign-up with eCarthage service. There is a $50 install fee for new services, the fee will be included with the first month’s bill. A $200 deposit may be required for customers with bad credit but can be waived one of three ways:

  1. A Letter of Credit with Carthage Water and Electric Plant showing good standing
  2. A Letter of Credit with another Utility showing good standing (2 late payments or less in the last 12 months)
  3. Setting up an Automatic Payment Plan

Automatic Payment Plans, or Auto Drafts, are plans that withdraw the monthly payment from a checking or savings account.